The Ocean Line: Barely Blue Mahjong Travel Cards


The Ocean Line is whimsical and graphic to optimize playability. Pearls, kelp and coral represent dots, bams and cracks. Sea anemone are the flowers of the sea and diving mermaids serve as the winds. It's a summertime dream. 

These playing cards are for when you are traveling far flung and don't want to lug around the whole kit and caboodle (shout out to all you Carry-On Road Warriors). We did some market research and, by far, the top priority for people was the fun/unique artwork that is very easy to read in many different lights (fireside in the mountains, beachside at dusk (these babies are waterproof!), at a rooftop bar in Marrakech) so these are NOT like normal playing cards. We like to do things big, bold and beautiful at TML. 

They are carried in a sturdy box that also functions as a card holder for your wall stack. Here are some tips:

  • Bring your NMJL card if you are playing American Mahjong.
  • Shuffle, cut the deck, and deal just like a regular card game.
  • No walls, but instead stack the cards in the carrying box and that becomes your communal wall.

Travel and play has now become easy peasy. Yes, we know there are many die-hard players that will always want to travel with the Real Deal tiles and to you, we salute you and we made the perfect bag traveler just for you. This is for those leapfrogging the globe, light as a feather. 

Who is our ocean gal?
She is a dreamer, of big ideas and even bigger adventures. She sets trends, but is not trendy. By the time you've caught up with her, she's moved on to the next. You'll find her in the outdoors and never a gym. She's not afraid to take risks and because of that, her life is a collection of experiences that could warrant a novella. You want to be in her orbit; for your own life is the fuller for it. Just try to keep up. 


  • 100% waterproof paper and tear-resistant


  • Bridge-size

    160 tiles in a set:

    • 36 each dots, bams, cracks
    • 16 winds
    • 12 dragons
    • 8 flowers
    • 10 jokers
    • 6 blanks