We scoured the internet for the absolute best online mah jongg game. What we cared most about was improving our mahjong game (the ability to really learn, practice and hone our skills), playability (it needs to feel like a real game), and a platform that is visually appealing, modern and fun to play on. Lo and behold, we found I LOVE MAHJ and a partnership was born. We love the interface and thought our Botanical mahjong tiles would be a unique way to add another layer of fun to the player experience.

In our humble opinion, I Love Mahj is the best online mahjong platform out there and we are pleased to offer an exclusive deal: A limited-time offer for a free 4-week trial. 


Online mahjong game screen



One of the best ways to improve your game is using an online Mah Jongg tool and really practicing the rhythm of the game and your hand selection. On I Love Mahj you can play against real live humans as well as three levels of intelligent bots, standard/intermediate/advanced.  The BEST part is that I Love Mahj has a practice mode and it will help take you to the next level.

  • Improve your mahjong game - hone your skills using a practice mode that reveals the statistically best hands to play based on your mahjong tiles (see upper left on image below)

  • Track your progress with game statistics, including:
    • Wins, losses and wall games
    • Average game duration
    • Average think time (Charleston and game)
    • Points gained/lost
    • Rating history
    • Summary of mahjong hands completed for each year's card


  • Plays just like an in-person experience
  • Dead hands - ability to call players' and bots' hands dead (computer verified)


    • Video call built in - feels like you're playing live with your friends (no Zoom needed)
    • Build your Mah Jongg community - create or join groups and play regularly scheduled games