Lucite Display Box


When your customers all tell you the same thing, you listen. And here we are with the result...a custom display box (or tray if you so wish) to hold your tiles. Treat them like the little works of art that they are.

A clear lucite box custom-sized to display The Mahjong Line tile set. We made the acrylic extra thick, and extra LUXE.

Take the lid off and use it as a display tray. Put this baby on your coffee table or smack dab in the middle of your mahjong game table.

Note if you purchased a set in the first release, you will have two fewer tiles in your set than what is shown in the photo. We added two extra blanks for the new releases.  


  • Clear acrylic


  • 10" x 5.75" x 2", 10mm acrylic thickness