Scented Candles


With scent triggering memories better than all the senses, we set out to augment the playing experience with bespoke candles inspired by each of our "gals". In partnership with The Dirty Bartender, we custom designed each set to capture the essence of her.  

Cheeky: A burst of effervescent lemon and grapefruit with a touch of juniper and woodsy undertones make this the perfect go to for your gathering.

Botanical: Bamboo, jasmine and orchid mix with scents of distant locales and have us longing for the next round of mahjong and cocktails.

Minimal: Warm and woodsy with discreet notes of amber, clove and lavender have us longing for another round of mischief and mahjong.

Lucky: A balanced blend of rich woods, succulent sage and a touch of jade mix perfectly in this crisp and refreshing scent that is sure to bring luck. 

Mountain: Fresh notes of mountain air and Asian basil all nestled in a woody bed of aged Sequoia and soft cashmere. Get yourself to the mountains. 

Classic: Classic elements for a classic game. Notes of honey and black currant mix with nectarine blossoms with a touch of birch, grapefruit, plum, and musk. 

8 oz. soy candle with a cotton wick

Approximately 40 hour burn time


  • 3.25" x 3.25" x 3.25"