Games for a life well played

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. But we do our games. The Mahjong Line is for jaunty gals playing these lively game with a wink.

Unique Design

Unique Design

We celebrate the joie de vivre of the game with original artwork and a color explosion on hand-painted tiles, elevating your game to a new level of giddiness.

Increased Size for Legibility

Increased Size for Legibility

We enlarged the face of the tile just a smidge to give our artwork room to breathe and to improve legibility. Your eyes will thank you.



We are no wallflowers and neither are our tiles. Not only do our tile and ink colors bring an extra jolt to your game, we strategically employ color to improve a quick scan of the table.

Take a mahjong quiz to find out which American Mahjong Tile Set is perfect for you!

Which gal are you?

We will hone in to your predilections and quirks to find the perfect mahjong tiles for you. Take our quiz and don’t think too hard. 



Bring on the fun, the nostalgia, the edge. A lively vibe for your game.


P.A.R.T.Y. across generations and genres. Go big or go home.


For a sunny afternoon somewhere delightful. On a veranda. At a ranch. Poolside perhaps.


Road-trippin' music. Windows rolled down, singing out loud, banging the steering wheel to the beat.