If you are a woman in Texas, chances are you revere Lela Rose, her designs, charisma and her business savvy. She’s modern, elegant, totally original and brings the FUN. The designs of Pearl by Lela Rose exude these qualities and we are thrilled to collaborate with them to bring the Pearl mahjong parlors and collab products to our mahjong community. We are all busy with work and family and life, but, as Lela would do, we must always pause to make time for the FUN. Shop the collaboration products that utilize vintage fabrics from Lela's archive.

A Pearl Girl always puts on her game face.

Known for her fabulous fetes and iconic style, beloved American fashion designer and consummate hostess Lela Rose always brings her A game to every occasion—especially if it involves a little friendly competition.

Pearl by Lela Rose—the sister line to her renowned eponymous Lela Rose, Bridal, and Ranch Collections—was founded to celebrate Lela's favorite things: fashion, food, friends, and fun. With her brand new collection featuring mahjong-influenced prints and motifs inspired by mod parlor games set against the backdrop of Palm Springs sunken living rooms and poolside cabanas, Pearl By Lela Rose Spring 2024 is in it to win it. 

Shop the collaboration products.

Lela Rose's Favorite Games

Luck might not *always* be a lady, but when it's Lela's turn at the tables, luck is the best dressed one in the room. Her favorite games?

Hearts: Lela keeps rolling tallies of Hearts scores amongst her favorite groups of players, making for easy après dinner party transitions into game night.

Gin Rummy: Lela learned to play Rummy with her grandfather who taught her how to count cards. Some people think that's cheeky; she says it's fair game. Watch out!

Backgammon: a fave for travel, Backgammon is a perfect foil for a quiet fireside corner amid a larger party or for setting up poolside and playing in series. I call winner! 

Oh Hell: A fabulous game for a group (up to 7 players), Oh Hell quickly becomes a raucous, fast paced affair of sneak attacks and surprise maneuvers. A surefire winner—unless you overbid! 

Whether you're shooting the moon or rolling back-to-back doubles make sure your sense of style is as fierce as your competitive streak.