We have retired some lines and are constantly creating new designs. Check back often to see the new ways we are spinning the color wheel.

The Cheeky Line - Skylight Blue (retired 2023) 


The Minimal Line - Paris Pink Release (retired 2023) 

New Version - Paris Pink 2.0 Release mahjong tile set launched in April 2023



The Minimal Line - Ceylon Blue Release (retired 2023) 

New Version - Ceylon Blue 2.0 Release mahjong tile set launched in May 2023


The Minimal Line - Kelly Green Release (retired 2021) 

New Version - Kelly Green 2.0 Release mahjong tile set launched in April 2023

The Mahjong Line - Retired Line - Minimal - Kelly Green Mahjong Set


The Minimal Line - Neon Purple Release (retired 2021) 
New Version (2.0 Release) - Neon Purple 2.0 Release launched 2023

 The Mahjong Line - Retired Line - Minimal - Neon Purple Mahjong Set