The Lucky Line: Jade Green Mahjong Travel Cards


A rich jade green playing cards makes a statement and monochromatic suits let the jokers shine. Ten unique jokers are the pièce de résistance of this set. If you do a silent squeal when you draw a regular joker, just imagine the inner euphoria when you pick one of these lucky charms. She's a BEAUT.

These playing cards are for when you are traveling far flung and don't want to lug around the whole kit and caboodle (shout out to all you Carry-On Road Warriors). We did some market research and, by far, the top priority for people was the fun/unique artwork that is very easy to read in many different lights (fireside in the mountains, beachside at dusk (these babies are waterproof!), at a rooftop bar in Marrakech) so these are NOT like normal playing cards. We like to do things big, bold and beautiful at TML.

They are carried in a sturdy box that also functions as a card holder for your wall stack. Here are some tips:

  • Bring your NMJL card if you are playing American Mahjong.
  • Shuffle, cut the deck, and deal just like a regular card game.
  • No walls, but instead stack the cards in the carrying box and that becomes your communal wall.

Travel and play has now become easy peasy. Yes, we know there are many die-hard players that will always want to travel with the Real Deal tiles and to you, we salute you and we made the perfect bag traveler just for you. This is for those leapfrogging the globe, light as a feather. 

Who is our lucky gal?

She’s no Pollyanna, for she is firmly planted in the reality of life. But she wills good things to happen out of sheer positivity and doggedness. Don’t underestimate the lightness with which she breezes through the world because underneath that is a force of nature that refuses to back down from an idea or vision. An extrovert, a life coach, persuasive and powerful; she loves the thrill of breaking rules and turning a no into a yes. Her unrelenting resolve to keep moving forward is her superpower. 


  • 100% waterproof paper and tear-resistant


  • Bridge-size

    160 cards in a set:

    • 36 each dots, bams, cracks
    • 16 winds
    • 12 dragons
    •  8 flowers 
    • 10 jokers (kachina doll, scarab, shooting star, elephant, laughing buddha, double happiness, four leaf clover, horseshoe, ladybug, evil eye)
    • 6 blanks