Mahjong Tales

If you’re reading this, we are fairly certain you are either a devoted player of the game or are Mahjong-curious. We invite guest writers to drop some knowledge on game strategy, mahjong history, tips and tricks with some funny anecdotes along the way.  Join us and dive in.  

Mah Jongg Madness Tournaments and Colorful Stories

Mah Jongg weekends with your friends really isn’t something new. Players and their friends have been doing it for decades.
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Mahjong Tiles and Alice in Wonderland

John Davis: Mahj Meanderings

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."  -Alice in Wonderland At a mah jongg tournament last year, I witnessed the player opposite me win four games in a row. Impossible? No. Improbable? Yes. I wanted to quit. I felt bad. I doubted myself. I was jealous. I had evil thoughts. But I smiled each time and congratulated her because I knew I'd talk about her at lunch. “Who is she?” my friends wanted to know, so I pointed her out. “Oh, yeah, her,” someone said, “she’s always so lucky.”  We nodded our heads, each of us trying to recall a former moment of glory, preparing to top...

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