Mahjong Tales

If you’re reading this, we are fairly certain you are either a devoted player of the game or are Mahjong-curious. We invite guest writers to drop some knowledge on game strategy, mahjong history, tips and tricks with some funny anecdotes along the way.  Join us and dive in.  

What is a kong in mahjong?

New terminology can definitely make picking up a new game confusing. We are here to help! A kong in the game of mahjong is a 4 of a kind. Four identical tiles such as 3 Dot, 3 Dot, 3 Dot, 3 Dot. Absolutely! You can use a joker(s) to make a kong.  Head over to how to play mahjong for more in-depth knowledge and snag yourself a cheat sheet! 

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What is a pung in mahjong?

Avoid getting trip up by unfamiliar mahjong lingo. A pung in the game of mahjong is a 3 of a kind. Three identical tiles such as 1 crack, 1 crack, 1 crack. Yes! You can can use a joker(s) in a pung.  Heading over to our how to play the game of mahjong. It's packed with helpful tips and rules about mahjong.

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