The Mountain Line: Sage Green Mahjong Tiles


Our seventh design and one near and dear to our hearts. Because the mountains, and all that they represent, are in our bones. We are Texans at heart but the mountains fill us up. It’s the flora and fauna and water and air. All wrapped in a stunning landscape of color. And distilled onto a tiny tile.  

Who is our mountain gal?
She may reside in the city but she comes alive in the mountains. She works hard and she plays harder. As she likes to tease, she'll try anything once as long as it doesn't maim her or put her (or any of her friends) in jail. She's intense and intensely admired. Her passion is her trademark and she could lead an army if called upon. But retreating to the mountains now and then is a prerequisite for her success. This gal has gumption and she cannot be fenced in. 


  • Hand-painted custom inks on custom sage green acrylic
  • Keep out of extended direct sunlight to avoid tile fading and discoloration


  • 1" x 1-7/16" x 7/16" 
  • To improve legibility and allow our original artwork room to breathe, the tile dimension is slightly larger than the standard tournament size.


    Included in each mahjong set purchase are a tile bag and a field guide.


      160 tiles in a mahjong set 

      • 36 each dots, bams, cracks
      • 16 winds
      • 12 dragons
      • 8 flowers
      • 10 jokers
      • 6 blanks

      Be sure to pick up a Mahjong Playing Card for complete mah jongg rules and scoring.

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