The Classic Line: Cornflower Blue Riichi & Singaporean Mahjong Tiles


There are many variations of mahjong around the world and each variation has different rules and sometimes different tiles (for example, the American version uses jokers). We wanted to include the extra tiles needed to play Riichi (a Japanese version) and Singaporean to expand your world of play. The Riichi red fives and the Singapore capture tiles are included in this bonus tile package. Go play, the world is your oyster.

  • Hand-painted custom inks on custom cornflower blue acrylic
  • Keep out of extended direct sunlight to avoid tile fading and discoloration
  • 1" x 1-7/16" x 7/16" 
  • To improve legibility and allow our original artwork room to breathe, the tile dimension is slightly larger than the standard tournament size.
    Included in the Riichi & Singaporean Mahjong Tiles is a field guide and 8 tiles.
    • 5 red dots (2), 5 bam, 5 crack - Riichi Mahjong 
    • 4 capture tiles - Singaporean Mahjong