For Stephanie, Mahjong is more than merely a game-it is a means by which one can create community and forge friendships. This wife and mom of four daughters is known for creating a lighthearted, laughter-filled, and fun event as she educates. She is renowned by her students for her ability to explain the complex concepts and components of the game, in an accessible and understandable fashion. Stephanie travels all over to teach whether it’s girlfriend gatherings or corporate events. Stephanie says, "Being able to share my love for the game is an absolute pleasure and privilege for me!"


Where do you teach? 

Where the tiles go and the winds blow. Anywhere and everywhere! 

What is your favorite mahjong memory? 

My 50th bday mahjong escape with the best of friends! Also, teaching in London was pretty spectacular.

What is your favorite NJML line or mahjong tile? 

 I love the winds section. I'm not one to pass a lot of wind at the table (bottabing).

One thing you can't live without.

I go to bed and wake up with Junior Mints on my mind. 

Motto for life. 

Laughter is the best medicine.

What Mahjong Line set is your favorite to play on? 

For teaching purposes, I love the Minimal Line but the mermaids from the Ocean Line make me giddy.

The person, alive or dead, you would love to have at your dinner party? 

Dolly Parton on OUR birthday.