I am THE Dallas Mahjong Teacher that has been teaching for 4 years. I teach monthly at Park House and T Bar M racquet club in Dallas. I also do many private events including groups, birthday parties, baby showers and networking events. I love to put pictures of my groups on my Instagram so their friends can see how much fun they are having!


Where do you teach?

The DFW metroplex, Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Colorado Springs, Colorado

When, where and how did you learn mahjong? 

I learned Mahj in 2016 after hearing some friends were going to Palm Springs to play this game and I wasn't invited! HA! So me and 3 of my friends were determined to learn this game and we got addicted!

What is your favorite mahjong memory? 

As a player, it was a Halloween party that my friend hosted after we had only been playing for a few months, and I was the winner! I won $120! But as a teacher, it was when I got the job to teach at Park House monthly over a year and half ago. It's really been a highlight for me. Everyone says, "She's the Mahjong Teacher!"

What Mahjong Line is your favorite mahjong tile set to play on? 

Can't answer that! I love them all! But probably my Joshua Tree Line. I mean, those flowers.... But I also love my Paris Pink botanical line, those Dragons (flies!)

One thing you can't live without? 

My family, my boys, best friends, Mahj, tennis & Pickleball, and some all in the same day!. Sorry that isn't 1.