The Botanical Line: Blue-Eyed Jack Mahjong Tiles


The botanical line is a delight to behold with elements of art nouveau and sophisticated line work. Included in each purchase is a canvas bag with a zipper to hold the mahjong tiles when on the go and a field guide outlining basic mah jongg rules and quick start to the game. 

Who is our botanical gal?
She is a master at teasing the senses. Loves her matcha tea, Miles Redd, vintage portrait paintings, and smothering her nose in peonies. Her style is timeless, but with a twist, to keep you guessing. A Francophile at heart, a walk down Magazine Street is her perfect day. She believes in well-planned overindulgences  in design, food, and drink. She has strong opinions and listens well. Whatever she sets her mind to, she succeeds with gusto.


  • Custom inks on custom blue-eyed Jack acrylic
  • Keep out of extended direct sunlight to avoid tile fading and discoloration


  • 1" x 1-7/16" x 7/16" 
  • To improve legibility and to allow our original artwork room to breathe, the tile dimension is slightly larger than standard tournament size.


    Included in each mahjong set purchase are a tile bag and a field guide


      160 tiles in a mahjong set

      • 36 each dots, bams, cracks
      • 16 winds
      • 12 dragons
      • 8 flowers
      • 10 jokers
      • 6 blanks
      • Acrylic display box not included

      Be sure to pick up a Mahjong Playing Card for complete mah jongg rules and scoring.

      Want to display your mahjong tiles?

      • Check out our Acrylic Box to display your mahjong tile set. 

      Are you a first-time mahjong player?

      Check out our guide on How to Play Mahjong


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