The buzzing social culture of mahjong (and all the pretty tiles) is what initially drew me in, but the mental challenge and it's stress-relieving nature is what keeps me at the table for hours on end with friends and family. My love for the game, passion for teaching it to others, and an obsession with growing the mahjong community sparked the creation of OK Let's Mahjong in February 2023. I'm so proud of what it has become and feel grateful that I get to do this on a daily basis. My team and I are dedicated to clear instruction in a fun environment that allows our students to walk away feeling confident and hooked on this incredible game. OK Let's Mahjong!


Where do you teach mahjong? 

Oklahoma, Texas, and beyond!

When, where and how did you learn mahjong? 

I learned mahjong with friends interested in learning from fellow mahj lovers. It took 1&1/2 games for me to realize I was in it for the long haul!

Why do you love mahjong? 

It brings us together, keeps our brains sharp and agile, and provides an excellent distraction from technology and daily stressors. Mahjong allows us to express ourselves with impressive strategies, varying house rules and of course, all the gorgeous gear.


What is your favorite National Mah jongg league card line or favorite tile? 

111 2222 111 2222 or 11111 NNNN 11111 for my favorite lines on this year's card. As for my favorite tile, is it too cliche to say joker?! The power this tile holds, to change the entire trajectory of the game with a single appearance. I live for a joker swap!

What is your favorite mahjong memory? 

I loved getting to teach my mother, grandmother and brother with my Lucky Line tiles during the holidays last year. A special memory I will always treasure!


What would you sing on karaoke night? 

Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado & Timbaland (both parts)

The person, dead or alive,  you would love to have your dinner party? 

Taylor Swift. What? It's her era