Molly is a Dallas-based Mahjong Instructor who loves sharing her knowledge about the game to others. When Molly was first introduced to the game, she immediately loved the strategy aspect. She uses her education degrees to break down this complicated game in a way that all can learn!

Check out Molly's Quick Guide design for a quick beginners reference.  



Where do you teach? 

all over!

Where, when and how did you learn mahjong? 

I learned with some fellow moms at a friend's home. We still play together today!

What is your favorite mahjong memory? 

Teaching all 3 of my kids different 'versions' of the game...check out my 'KIDS' instagram bubble for more!

What is your favorite NJML line or mahjong tile? explanation needed ;)

What Mahjong Line tile set is your favorite to play with? 

Lucky that star joker

What makes you laugh? 

When my 5-year old son calls me his "dynamite gal"