The Minimal Line: Neon Purple 2.0 Mahjong Tiles


The minimal line is our version of the traditional mahjong tile sets. We gave the artwork a mid-century modern design so that beginners and seasoned players alike will enjoy the simplicity. Included in each purchase is a canvas bag with a zipper to hold the mahjong tiles when on the go.   

Who is our minimal gal?

Clever with a dry wit, this girl loves a good Eames chair, the smell of coffee shops, abnormally long walks on crisp days, and the pulse of NYC. Countless friends claim her as their “best” because her loyalty is only surpassed by her discreetness. Many a secret she has kept. Her penmanship is essentially modern art, and she never makes an error. You want this girl in your foxhole. Steady as she goes.


  • Custom inks on neon purple acrylic
  • Keep out of extended direct sunlight to avoid tile fading and discoloration


  • 1" x 1-7/16" x 7/16" 
  • To improve legibility and to allow our original artwork room to breathe, our mahjong tile dimension is slightly larger than standard tournament size.

    Included in each mahjong set purchase are a tile bag and a field guide

    160 tiles in a set

    • 36 each dots, bams, cracks
    • 16 winds
    • 12 dragons
    • 8 flowers
    • 10 jokers
    • 6 blanks

    Be sure to pick up a Mahjong Playing Card for complete rules and scoring.

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