AquaMahj Floating Game Table


Combining mahjong (or rummy) with water seemed like a no brainer. More specifically, a floating game of mahjong ON water while you sip a bev and are in extreme vacay mode. We went hard down the R&D rabbit hole to figure out the best design, one that does not require racks to play, and are made JUST perfectly for our unique tile size (both mahjong and rummy). All you need are tiles, your NMJL card and some SPF. Our patent-pending floating game table is here and ready to FLOAT your boat. 

Pro tip: Don’t want to deal with tiles? Our mahjong travel cards are waterproof- dive in the water with them for all we care. Go WILD.

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  • Built-in grooves that function as tile racks for TML Mahjong Tiles & TML Rummy Tiles
  • Four cup holders

Care Card:

  • Due to different chemicals in different types of water and different levels of hardness, there may be some fading of the mat’s logo. To help prevent this, we recommend not leaving the mat in the pool and/or in direct sunlight. Normal wear and tear should be expected.


  • 35.5 inches x 35.5 inches
  • 3 3/8 inches cup holders


  • EVA

Waterproofing your NMJL card:

  • Some Mahj water players are so skilled they can keep their NMJL card dry, no problem. For those that tend to frolic a bit, we recommend laminating your card. Added bonus, your intimidation factor will be off the charts with a laminated card. Boss move.