Mahj In the City was started by two best friends - Ashley Sigmon & Leigh Young in Charlotte, NC. They learned to play together, & decided everyone they knew should learn too! Captivated by the game, for both the beautiful tiles, the pleasing nature of the rituals & rules of play and the brain-game workout motivated Ashley & Leigh to make sure everyone knows how to Mahj. Ashley, a former teacher & Leigh, former US House Staffer combined their background and skill sets to make learning to Mahj fun and do-able for all ages and stages of life. As we like to say, "Go On, Get You're Mahj On - It's Good for You!"


Where do you teach mahjong? 

the Carolinas, Up & Down the East Coast, and where ever the good and fun people call from!

Where, when and how did you learn mahjong? 

2021 ~ in Charlotte, by another great Mahj Teacher, Ginna from @themahjprep! A Dallas teacher visiting a Dallas transplant (Leigh) brought this game to the Carolinas!

Tell us why you love mahjong? 

We Love Mahj'ing ~ It's the brain game you do with your family & friends. It's the perfect mix of flexing your mind muscles while being with your people - and usually getting a lotta laughs in too!

What is your favorite mahjong memory? 

Too many to pick one~ Our mahj group travels, & the first T to T was pure magic. Dropped kids at school Tues. jetted out of town to Charlotesville, mahjed for 36 hours and rolled back into town to pick kids up from school Thursday afternoon. Or some late nite back porch mahj'ing, listening to GLORIA.

One thing you can't live without.

Piedmont Pennies, Ranch Waters, & TJ's Rice Mochi

What would you sing on Karaoke night? 


What Mahjong Line set is your favorite to play on? 

Lucky Line - Jade Green or Botanical Line - Paris Pink 2.0 *thinking Mountain Line - Big Sky mahjong tiles is gonna replace one of these...

The person, alive or dead, you would love to have at your dinner party? 

Dolly Parton