After playing regularly and giving Greenville a taste, the city became rabid for this novel past time and to meet the needs of men and women of the Upstate who so deeply wanted a means of connection, fun, and challenge to their brain, Hayden stepped up, brought her long-time friend and competitor, Morgan Bunton on board and the rest is pure cosmic history. Both Hayden and Morgan play Mahjong regularly, are obsessed with the likes of Taylor Swift, an extremely saturated color palette and trips to NYC on a quarterly basis. They are available for booking to teach you the interworking of Mahjong and if you’re lucky enough to have them teach together, you’re witnessing magic similar to the likes of Scotty Pippen and Michael Jordan circa the 1990s. When Netflix calls to finally book their comedy special, they will attempt to remember those who got them there but it is highly unlikely.

Email to book a lesson or ask a question.