The Cheeky Line:
Skylight Blue Release

If fun is your operative word, this is the mahjong tile set for you. It’s filled with personality and clever witticisms. We hand paint each mahjong tile, so slight variations are expected and part of the unique beauty of the design. Included in each purchase is a canvas bag with a zipper to hold the mahjong tiles when on the go.

Who is our Cheeky gal?

She laughs easily and often. You’ll find her cruising on her bike with a flea-find stuffed in the basket, earbuds playing Blondie. Equally happy in LA or Austin. Loves a wild wallpaper, millennial pink, and her many sneakers. She brings a burst of effervescence to any party. And boy can she tell a good story.

  • Hand-painted inks on custom skylight blue acrylic


  • 1" x 1-7/16" x 7/16" 
  • To improve legibility and to allow our original artwork room to breathe, our mahjong tile dimension is slightly larger than standard tournament size.
    Included in each mahjong tile set purchase are a tile bag and a field guide.
      158 tiles in a set
      • 36 each dots, bams, cracks
      • 16 winds
      • 12 dragons
      • 8 flowers
      • 10 jokers
      • 4 blanks

      Be sure to pick up a Mahjong Playing Card for complete rules and scoring.

      Are you a first-time mahjong player?

      Check out our guide on How to Play Mahjong